Feel Better Books

Since I teach health I read a lot of feel better books that

can help people with health. 

I’m spreading the wealth (health) of information here. Books that I think can make a big difference in helping you find your way.

This is just a short list and I’ll add to it going forward.

So which Feel Better book is right for you?


What do you need? What do you struggle with? Do you want to exercise but keep getting derailed? Where are your biggest health road blocks?


Consider what might help the most. Maybe spending some time immersing yourself in information. Possibly reading a page a day that might steer you to your goals.


Evaluate how it all makes you feel. Find out where those feelings are coming from and check out the following books.

These are in no order but these are books that I would require my students to read if we had more time.

Feel Better Books


Marion Nestle

She is the first lady of nutrition and everyone should read her work.



Making Habits, Breaking Habits

Why We Do Things, Why We Don’t, and How to Make Any Change Stick

Jeremy Dean

This is a wonderful book that should change how you think about habits.



The Power of Habit

Charles Duhigg

This book illustrates very clearly how we can make habits work for us.



Crucial Conversations

Patterson * Grenny * McMillan * Switzler

Who doesn’t want to learn how to talk about the hardest things?


I’m hoping you’ll pick one, come sit by me, read and then chat with me about these Feel Better Books!

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