Cinderella Under Pressure

Cinderella Under Pressure. I write books about women who do too much in a world that asks too much from them, and I saw one of these women just the other day. The woman I am thinking of was at a gas station, responding with incredible grace and dignity while under great duress. After filling…

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Are you haphazard too?

Are you haphazard too? I tend to be a little haphazard. Is it me, or can we blame it on the world we live in? I like to blame the culture for all my misremembering, overdrafts, and wrong turns. Otherwise, my free time is spent taking Alzheimer’s quizzes and asking my daughter if it’s time…

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Day Dream Believer

Ann Garvin 2004 Official Participant Number: #130 Title: Daydream Believer Word Count: 1,400   This was her last Friday night, Dog & Suds, Arf and Barf, dinner-and-a-movie special at the Drive All Night Drive-In. No more wiener jokes; “Hey Jen, can I ride my baloney barge into your bun?” Goodbye, dick heads trying to cop…

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Trust Me On This

Trust me on this

Trust Me On This Remember in High School, that girl, woman at your school that you couldn’t take your eyes off of? No one could, and like it or not, everyone saw her the way you did. Parents, teachers, the principal and every single boy or man in the school. I fault no one on…

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I’d Like to Introduce You to Some Wonderful Women

I’d like to introduce you to some wonderful women. But first, a story. Erma Bombeck spoke at my college graduation. This is how her speech began. “Hello. I know you’re nervous about school ending and are filled with anticipation for the future and grief for leaving behind your loved ones. I know you’re worried you…

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A Gentle Story Not a Sexy Story

tools to let her fly

A Gentle Story Not a Sexy Story I wish this was a sexy story about sexy things but it is not. Writing, binging sleep, and doing it all again the next day is decidedly not sexy.  And, it’s a bit isolating if I’m honest. Daylight savings, cold weather, varients etc… keep a girl quiet and…

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What I did to feel better.

What I did to feel better

Today I want to tell you what I did to feel better. Home isolation has its ups and downs. One day you’re flying high and cleaning the baseboards with a Q-tip, and the next day you’re drinking tequila and watching squirrels out the window. There is no in-between. I didn’t create those two sentences (and…

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I Hugged Until I Couldn’t Anymore

I Hugged Until I Couldn’t Anymore. I’m a hugger. I like to hug. I typically, but not always, give a warning like, “I’m coming in for a hug.” There’s usually time for the huggee to get their arms up. But, again, not always. Sometimes it’s me hugging people the way a panda snuggles a bamboo…

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Sexting And Other Accidents

Sexting And Other Accidents I’m single again.* Actually, it’s been over a year since my last relationship and my friends have made it clear that it’s time to pair up and shut up. Apparently, my tirades during the Bachelor about the show’s irresponsible perpetuation of the myth of true love are wearing as thin as the dignity…

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Ann Garvin 2019 Appearances

Ann Appearance

Ann Garvin’s 2019 Appearances It’s official I need a wrangler. Until then this will have to do. Please Come Sit By Me January 17 – 20 Pulpwood Queen Girlfriend’s Weekend Texas. January 26 One-On-One Mentor Day With Ann-Madison, WI January 27 Bloom-real time chat all day-Online February 7 One-On-One Mentor Day with Ann-Madison, WI March 1…

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