I Got Fired

I got fired

I Got Fired. [Tweet “I Got Fired”] This is not a new story, but it is a true story. Several years ago, I blissfully, joyfully, dream-come-true-fully-taught creative writing in a Master of Fine Arts program in New Hampshire and I got fired. Unceremoniously and without cause, I was let the F-go. The phone rang at…

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How a Slugfest Became a Lovefest


How a Slugfest Became a Lovefest You either love me or hate me. There’s no in-between. I’m not an in-between kind of person. I’m noisy and laugh too loudly. I’m jokey, and I tear up easily. I can be unconventional. But I’m a tender-hearted soul and I have a story to tell you about love…

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Ann Garvin 2019 Appearances

Ann Appearance

Ann Garvin’s 2019 Appearances It’s official I need a wrangler. Until then this will have to do. Please Come Sit By Me January 17 – 20 Pulpwood Queen Girlfriend’s Weekend Texas. http://www.thepulpwoodqueens.com/2019-girlfriend-weekend-program/ January 26 One-On-One Mentor Day With Ann-Madison, WI anniewertzgarvin@gmail.com January 27 Bloom-real time chat all day-Online https://www.facebook.com/groups/Bloomwithtpw/ February 7 One-On-One Mentor Day with Ann-Madison, WI anniewertzgarvin@gmail.com March 1…

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Hey sweet heart put that bottle down

I knew plastic bottles of water were terrible for the earth but didn’t know the extent of it until I watched this video. No ore bottles for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se12y9hSOM0 Well, sometimes a plastic bottle is hard to avoid but I’m going to try really hard to carry a water bottle that I refill. Tweet: I dont…

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Why the girl effect? What about boys?

My friend’s son is in love with a Pokémon character and I totally get it. I fell in love with a cartoon girl too and I’ve been raising money for her ever since. She is the girl from the the Girleffect.org video (Charity) and I’m scared to death for her. I watch her run from…

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