Here’s a story I don’t tell very often.

Here's a story I don't tell very often

Here’s a story I don’t tell very often, but it’s time. Hear me out, you’ll see why at the end. Click for the background Soundtrack here I’m six years old and it’s Christmas morning. The gifts have been opened. My father is sitting in the bedroom reading. Is he in a good mood? Is he…

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Demco And My Little Free Library Journey

I just took a lovely walk with Demco and I want to tell you about my little free library journey. I’m a girl who has had library-love her whole life. Before I could read I sat in the library moving my lips pretending. I wanted people to think I was a prolific reading genius. Once…

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Feel Better Books

Since I teach health I read a lot of feel better books that can help people with health.  I’m spreading the wealth (health) of information here. Books that I think can make a big difference in helping you find your way. This is just a short list and I’ll add to it going forward. So…

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