I Saw My Smile Lines. He Saw My Smile

Modern Love

MODERN LOVE: He Wanted to Date Younger Women Which made me angry at him — and then at myself I published an essay in Madison Magazine about a meet-up where I asked my date, who was my age, 62, how online dating was going for him. Right to my face, with an open smile, he said…

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Trust Me On This

Trust me on this

Trust Me On This Remember in High School, that girl, woman at your school that you couldn’t take your eyes off of? No one could, and like it or not, everyone saw her the way you did. Parents, teachers, the principal and every single boy or man in the school. I fault no one on…

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Ann Garvin’s Teaching and Conference Schedule

teaching and conferences

2023 Ann Garvin’s Teaching and Presenting Schedule.   How To Prepare The Perfect Pitch Feb. 24-26 womenwritersretreat.com  Virtual Online Weekend Writing Retreat With Mollie McClure, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Karen Dionne, and Folio Lit Agency     Plotting and Story Workshop March 10-12 Zibby Owen’s Fierce Women Retreat Hampton Bays, NY   How To Plot With Ease…

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Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Soulmate, flower,

Where do you get your ideas? It’s come to my attention lately that people are concerned about me. The concern isn’t health-related—my body is the best thing I’ve ever gotten for free. Occasionally, however, I do joke about my relationship status and I realize they are concerned because I’m single. I often regale listeners with…

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The Soft Animal of Your Body

The Soft Animal Of Your Body, I don’t go on vacation. I often joke about it and say, “I don’t know how not to work.” My parents straddled the silent and boomer generation–traditionalists who valued hard work, frugality, and discipline. I watched and learned, my friends. I’m an excellent student. When I went from married…

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Sneak Peek expires in one week.

Sneak Peek expires in one week. THERE’S NO COMING BACK FROM THIS.  CHAPTER ONE: The Last Tug On A String I half-jogged, half-walked to catch up with my seventeen-year-old daughter, Robyn, at Chicago O’Hare Airport and all I could think about was how a person can disappear from their own life and not even know…

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What Does Dead Dad Think Now?

dead dad

What Does Dead Dad Think Now? Fred Wertz, my dad, picked up every penny he saw during his daily walks. At a nimble eighty-six he’d swoop down mid-sentence and scoop up a penny, barely breaking the cadence of his step. If he walked without me my father would call to chat and report his found…

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How a Slugfest Became a Lovefest


How a Slugfest Became a Lovefest You either love me or hate me. There’s no in-between. I’m not an in-between kind of person. I’m noisy and laugh too loudly. I’m jokey, and I tear up easily. I can be unconventional. But I’m a tender-hearted soul and I have a story to tell you about love…

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A Free Nutrition Book For Writers.

A Free Nutrition Book For Writers: Because butts in chairs are hard on hearts and butts. Instructions: Open up a new text on your phone In the To: section type the number 66866 In the text message area type garvin You will get a message from me Next, Put Your email in! You will receive…

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