Dear Darling,

love ice cream and you

I hear there is a lot of body angst going on whilst we’ve been holed up watching Netflix and buying the right face mask that perfectly encapsulates our personality.  Some bodies have stayed the same, but facial hair has gone free-range (me). Some bodies have created a brand new shape (no judgment either way), and…

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So many confessions, so little time

I like my screen time

So many confessions, so little time. Hi, I’m Ann Garvin, and I like my screen time. Hear me out. I like my screens, but I also enjoy quiet time walking my dog outside. I like to stare into space and read real books. I love talking to my neighbors, going to listen to music, eating…

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Instagrams: In Loving Memory

Memory and my mom

Instagrams: In Loving Memory Memory is a confounding thing. I’m reminded of that every day as I sit with either my mother or my children. My mother has Alzheimer’s and can’t remember my name and my two teen girls have a kind of adolescent memory loss where they seem to recall only the worst parenting…

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