One Way To Love Your Body (even when it’s tough)

One way to love your *body (even when it’s tough. Some of you have found a way. This is for those whose body-love wavers occasionally. Especially in the summer when the shorts come out. I have a strategy for self-love because I find it difficult at times to be nice to myself. I am annoyed…

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I Thought You Said This Would Work

I thought you said this would work

I Thought You Said This Would Work This is both the title of my new book and what I say to my writer friends, agent, and publisher. I say, “I wrote this book, do you like it? Is it working?” And my people say, “Sort of, kind of, maybe, almost. Try this.” Then I go…

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Tired? Manage Energy Not Time.

Why do I talk about naps like other people talk about sex? Here’s the story. “I wish there was a way to exercise without it taking up so much damn time. I have so little time theses days.” This is what I heard myself saying the other day.

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