Sexting And Other Accidents

Sexting And Other Accidents I’m single again.* Actually, it’s been over a year since my last relationship and my friends have made it clear that it’s time to pair up and shut up. Apparently, my tirades during the Bachelor about the show’s irresponsible perpetuation of the myth of true love are wearing as thin as the dignity…

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Ann Garvin 2019 Appearances

Ann Appearance

Ann Garvin’s 2019 Appearances It’s official I need a wrangler. Until then this will have to do. Please Come Sit By Me January 17 – 20 Pulpwood Queen Girlfriend’s Weekend Texas. January 26 One-On-One Mentor Day With Ann-Madison, WI January 27 Bloom-real time chat all day-Online February 7 One-On-One Mentor Day with Ann-Madison, WI March 1…

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Patch-ing Up After Loss


Patch-ing Up After Loss I woke up today, looked in the mirror and found my estrogen patch had migrated from my ass to my elbow. Sometime in the night my helping hormone swatch decided to relocate. Seriously you guys, my estrogen patch is so well meaning; I’ve been scattered and angsty and I think it’s…

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My Beautiful Empty Nest is Magically Full

empty nest my ass

My nest is empty. Here’s the thing. I wish I had a file cabinet where I’d kept the years memorialized in flat-manilla folders. After the documented year, each tab would have a clever label for quick reference and future nostalgia. 1982-The Nanny Diaries. 1997-Thirty-six hours of labor. 2005 Teen-Sport Hell. This year would read: 2018…

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5 Ways To Spend Less Time With People Who Annoy You

spend less time with people who annoy you

5 Ways To Spend Less Time With People Who Annoy You (because if you do these things you won’t need a 6th way). *this was originally published at Happily Ever After I just spent the weekend in fundraising activities with my ex-husband. In short exposures this has been a fine thing to do. Enjoyable even.…

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Which Character Are You? Take the Quiz.

Take the Quiz

Which Character in I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around are you? (Take the Quiz here Are you the winsome, lovely yet hard to pin down Wendy? She’s a character and you either love her or hate her all day long. Or, are you the practical, devoted mother Hallie Monahan who was a working,…

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What’s The Best Exercise?

Give it to me straight. What’s the best exercise? As an exercise physiologist, I often get the question from people who want to start exercising, “What’s the best exercise?” I know where this question is coming from. People want to use their time wisely, they want to maximize their exercise time – get a good…

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How Do You Say No Without Feeling Guilty?

How Do You Say No Without Feeling Guilty? I say Yes a lot. I bet you do too. I like to say Yes because I’m interested in so many things. I like people, I’m social and I want to help. Maybe sometimes I say yes out of guilt, guilty – ness ugh, or how people…

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Let’s Not Gain Weight This Winter Ok?

Let’s not gain weight this winter Ok? Here are 5 things that will help. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, I need 20 ideas to not gain weight. Or 200. How about 200 and then maybe I’ll have a chance this year. A chance to not enter the spring months carrying, what amounts to…

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*Waves Frantically* Come Sit By Me

*Waves Frantically* Come Sit By Me!– Forget Carbs I’m Kind of Lonely. I just got an email that compelled me to move past carbs and food when talking about health and broach a much more difficult topic: loneliness. I’ve been hurt in my life, felt angry, and been lonely but I think the emotion that ached the most,…

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