The Soft Animal of Your Body

By Ann Garvin / July 20, 2022 /

The Soft Animal Of Your Body, I don’t go on vacation. I often joke about it and say, “I don’t know how not to work.” My parents straddled the silent and boomer generation–traditionalists who valued hard work, frugality, and discipline. I watched and learned, my friends. I’m an excellent student. When I went from married…

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Sneak Peek expires in one week.

By Ann Garvin / May 31, 2022 /

Sneak Peek expires in one week. THERE’S NO COMING BACK FROM THIS.  CHAPTER ONE: The Last Tug On A String I half-jogged, half-walked to catch up with my seventeen-year-old daughter, Robyn, at Chicago O’Hare Airport and all I could think about was how a person can disappear from their own life and not even know…

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What Does Dead Dad Think Now?

By Ann Garvin / April 25, 2022 /
dead dad

What Does Dead Dad Think Now? Fred Wertz, my dad, picked up every penny he saw during his daily walks. At a nimble eighty-six he’d swoop down mid-sentence and scoop up a penny, barely breaking the cadence of his step. If he walked without me my father would call to chat and report his found…

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How a Slugfest Became a Lovefest

By Ann Garvin / March 22, 2022 /

How a Slugfest Became a Lovefest You either love me or hate me. There’s no in-between. I’m not an in-between kind of person. I’m noisy and laugh too loudly. I’m jokey, and I tear up easily. I can be unconventional. But I’m a tender-hearted soul and I have a story to tell you about love…

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A Free Nutrition Book For Writers.

By Ann Garvin / March 17, 2022 /

A Free Nutrition Book For Writers: Because butts in chairs are hard on hearts and butts. Instructions: Open up a new text on your phone In the To: section type the number 66866 In the text message area type garvin You will get a message from me Next, Put Your email in! You will receive…

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What’s The Difference Between Moving On and Letting Go?

By Ann Garvin / January 28, 2022 /
Chapter One

What’s the difference between moving on and letting go? Oof, this is a biggie. Because I just did both and we need to talk about it. You might have feelings about what I let go of–I’d love to hear what you’ve let go of lately. I woke up on the morning of January 9th of…

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Chapter One: Hear Me Out

By Ann Garvin / January 23, 2022 /
chapter one

Chapter One Hear Me Out (*Catch-up Here) Heather’s best friend Chelsea was a bloodhound for plot holes, fallacies, and faulty arguments. She could sniff out a rationalization before Heather could order a cold brew, throw it back, and formulate a rebuttal. Heather arrived early for their lunch date, sipping coffee and going over her talking…

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I’m Feeling A Little Sad For Men

By Ann Garvin / December 31, 2021 /

Today I’m feeling a little sad for men.  [Tweet “Today I’m feeling a little sad for men. Hear me out”] I admit I have taken my fair share of swipes at men over the years. I almost can’t help myself. Men are the low-hanging fruit of humor, mostly because they are so consistent. For example,…

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A Gentle Story Not a Sexy Story

By Ann Garvin / November 28, 2021 /
tools to let her fly

A Gentle Story Not a Sexy Story I wish this was a sexy story about sexy things but it is not. Writing, binging sleep, and doing it all again the next day is decidedly not sexy.  And, it’s a bit isolating if I’m honest. Daylight savings, cold weather, varients etc… keep a girl quiet and…

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Here’s a story I don’t tell very often.

By Ann Garvin / October 28, 2021 /
Here's a story I don't tell very often

Here’s a story I don’t tell very often, but it’s time. Hear me out, you’ll see why at the end. Click for the background Soundtrack here I’m six years old and it’s Christmas morning. The gifts have been opened. My father is sitting in the bedroom reading. Is he in a good mood? Is he…

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