How to get published (5 steps)

  1. Hire an editor to work on your manuscript and don’t argue with them either in person or in your head. Promise me right now. I mean it.
  2. Eat, Sleep and Fixate. Read, research, read some more.
  3. Write a query that would make your old boyfriend take you back (even though you don’t want him back). Even a little bit. No. You. Don’t.
  4. Put on your nicest personality and network. Take your meds. Pluck your eyebrows and put a little Vaseline on your teeth. You are miss congeniality. Go forth and be congenial.
  5. After rejection lick your wounds and get back out there slugger. Learn to take it on the chin with grace and resiliency.

So, here’s the tweet: How to Get Published? Edit, Fixate, Query, Smile and Bounce. Rinse and Repeat

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