I Tell You Everything

I tell you everything

I tell you everything because I know you don’t judge me. You aren’t a judger. I just gotta know. What kind of person are you when you’re sick? A. Stiff upper lip. Continues with life with a discrete tissue up sleeve. B. Takes a day off work but returns medicated, slower but still game. C. Sleeps…

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Food Gossip

Food Gossip. So much food Gossip. I’m calling food gossip the talk you hear about food that may or may not be true, but spreads like wild fire. Heresay. Loose Lips. Idle Talk Faulty information, untruths, half-the story. Carbs are bad, protein is good, juicing is healthy, detox regularly. Food Porn. Food Gossip In a…

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How To Not Burn Out

How to not burn out (insert laughter here). I’m laughing because I am burned out. I’m so burned-out I think I burned out my burnout. But, I’m not out of the game and that counts for something (no it doesn’t not really). Because, I can do better than just ‘not out of the game’. I…

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