What Can Anyone Say?

honestly what is better

I mean honestly you guys, what can anyone say these days? I don’t want to talk about Covid. I’m sick of Covid. But when I opened my email to write about my dog Peanut and his escapades on our flight to California (more on that in a minute), my daughter the ICU nurse, texted me.…

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Worry Is What You Do

Photo by Christian Widell on Unsplash

Worry is what you do… (If you want to hear me read this 4-minute piece you can listen here: https://inside-stories.simplecast.com/episodes/inside-stories-covid-19-stories-2 I’m at about 2:38.) My daughter called yesterday. “Mom, They’re running out of gloves and masks. She’s 23 and still in orientation as a brand new ICU nurse. We have that guy in a coma,…

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