Lonely? Just say Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty

Lonely? Just say Hello Kitty! I got carded in Target. I got carded in Target and made a date to have coffee with the woman who carded me. Let me explain. You know how it is. You go to Target for a bath mat and you leave with $100 worth Chip and Jo twinkly lights, a…

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Let’s Figure This Health Thing Out Together


Come sit by me and let’s figure this health thing out together. I have a lot of friends, but let’s be honest….I need a lot of friends. I’m high maintenance. Not the grooming kind of high maintenance, nope, I’m not a groomer. But I need a lot of chat to keep the wheels on this…

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Demco And My Little Free Library Journey

I just took a lovely walk with Demco and I want to tell you about my little free library journey. I’m a girl who has had library-love her whole life. Before I could read I sat in the library moving my lips pretending. I wanted people to think I was a prolific reading genius. Once…

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