Wheat Is Good For Most People

First you need to know that wheat is Good For Most People. This comes from Marion Nestle at http://www.foodpolitics.com and man do I love Dr. Nestle. She is straight, trustworthy and razor sharp. Here’s what she said in her recent email post:

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THE DOG YEAR – first chapter sneak peek

The Dog Year, Ann Garvin Author

Chapter One It’s Not About the Breast In the hospital parking ramp, Lucy snuck a glance at a new mother placing her infant into an elaborate car seat. Her husband stood hovering at her shoulder, his hand gently touching her hip. The woman lingered, gazing at the tiny, beet-faced infant, love fairly oozing from her…

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Success Tip #1

Take your meds. Whatever meds they be. Maybe your “meds” are your friends. Maybe you need to eat carbohydrates despite the fact that they are wrongly considered the meth of this dietary generation. It’s possible you need really nice cotton t-shirts or fresh flowers every 3rd Wednesday of the month. It’s very possible that you…

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