Ann Interviews Holly, Samantha and Summer

Ann Garvin interviews her characters from her best selling book I THOUGHT YOU SAID THIS WOULD WORK.

Ann: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me right in the middle of your road trip. Katie said you would be great about it.

Holly: How is Katie? Do we know anything about her blood labels?

Samantha: Levels. Blood levels.

Holly: (ignores Samantha). You were a Nurse, right Ann? Who do I need to call to get the labels. Tell them I’m Katie’s lawyer.

Ann opens her mouth to respond

Samantha: I’ll get a call if something happens while we’re on the road.

Holly: Seriously? You are on the call list? What if you drop into a coma and you miss it?

Samantha: It’s a sleep disorder. I fall asleep. I don’t drop into a coma.

Summer: She just needs her chakra’s aligned and if you’d stop picking on her, we could do that right now.

Holly: Nobody asked you Summer. Why are you on this trip anyway?

Samantha: My chakra’s are fine.

Summer: Neither one of your chakra’s are fine. In fact, if there was a chakra contest you would both come in last chakra-place.

Holly: Heyyyy.

Samantha: Heyyyy.

Ann: Um. You guys?

Holly: Okay. What is this interview for? Because if it’s for The Instagram we don’t have time for that.

Summer: There is always time for an Insta-moment. I remember when I toured with Fleetwood Mac, you know back when there was a lot of substances going up noses…

Samantha: I want to hear that story Summer but let’s finish this interview so we can get on the road.

Holly: I’m covered with dog hair and slime. Can’t you keep that dog in the back seat? Let’s hose him down.

Samantha: We are not hosing Peanut down. It would take the rest of the trip for him to dry off.

Holly: How much longer does this interview have to be?

Summer: Sometimes you have to stop and smell the Shaman.

Holly: Don’t start with that again, we are not stopping at the Shamon’s house.

Ann: Well…

Holly: We need to get on the road.

Ann:  I should have started by saying that Katie says she feels well today.

Holly looks at Samantha and they make eye contact. Holly Tears up.

Samantha reaches her hand out to comfort Holly but stops before making contact.

Summer: Takes Samantha’s hand and brushes Holly’s hair from her face.

Peanut: sighs.

Ann: I think I have everything I need.

Holly: (Wipes her eyes) Let’s hit the road then. Quit screwing around you guys.


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