The Book Is Dead! Long Live the Book!

How to Save Books and Keep Reading What You Love

book and flowers red

*Pick Two*

  1. Talk about the books you love. Not just the big famous ones.
  2. Leave a review on Amazon or or Goodreads or all
  3. “Like” the book on Amazon, or “Like” the author’s Facebook Fan page, invite your friends to “Like” Authors need people that don’t know them.
  4. Spread news of the book through your social media channels
  5. Buy books. Pre-order is best before the book comes out.
  6. Buy books as gifts
  7. Carry the book around so people can see it.
  8. Reserve a copy at the library
  9. Attend the book release party (if there is one) and bring a warm body or two
  10. Request books at bookstores
  11. Turn books face out at bookstores.
  12. Alert the media (if you know any)

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