The Soft Animal of Your Body

The Soft Animal Of Your Body, I don’t go on vacation. I often joke about it and say, “I don’t know how not to work.” My parents straddled the silent and boomer generation–traditionalists who valued hard work, frugality, and discipline. I watched and learned, my friends. I’m an excellent student. When I went from married…

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Here’s a story I don’t tell very often.

Here's a story I don't tell very often

Here’s a story I don’t tell very often, but it’s time. Hear me out, you’ll see why at the end. Click for the background Soundtrack here I’m six years old and it’s Christmas morning. The gifts have been opened. My father is sitting in the bedroom reading. Is he in a good mood? Is he…

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Ann Garvin 2019 Appearances

Ann Appearance

Ann Garvin’s 2019 Appearances It’s official I need a wrangler. Until then this will have to do. Please Come Sit By Me January 17 – 20 Pulpwood Queen Girlfriend’s Weekend Texas. January 26 One-On-One Mentor Day With Ann-Madison, WI January 27 Bloom-real time chat all day-Online February 7 One-On-One Mentor Day with Ann-Madison, WI March 1…

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Writing In-Scene

writing in-scene

Writing in-scene is one of the best things a writer can learn. Here is a terrific exercise for writing in-scene using sense and want. Write the alphabet down the side of the page Write your own autobiography by choosing one NOUN for each letter of the alphabet. The noun should somehow signify one part of your life. …

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A Little Bit About Writing: Blog Roll!

I’ve been asked by a wonderful network of authors to write a little bit about writing in, what we authors call a Blog Roll. This is a chance to talk a little bit about our writing process. Sometimes people are interested. Sometimes not. So for those of you fascinated by how people write (I’m one…

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Dear Writer,

  Think long and hard about your dream of becoming an author. It is a thrilling ride. It is. From first short story prize, to first rejection as a novelty, to agent interest, to publisher interest to holding your first arc—it’s a lovely thing. If only we could stop there. Live that wonderful ride and…

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Writing: The love that got away OR you suck as a motivational technique

“You are the worst writer I’ve ever worked with.” My mentor said that to me. Self-esteem education had not gripped the nation yet. Higher education ascribed to the-I–was-miserable-so-by-God-you-will-be-too-teaching system. At the time, I was trying to write my dissertation on how physical activity effects anxiety and depression and ironically every time I thought about working…

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