Can I be real a second?

Can I be real a second. I'm bad at vacatoning.

“Can I be real a second? For just a millisecond? Let down my guard and tell the people how I feel a second?”      –George Washington in Hamilton. Hey people, here’s the truth for those of you on Instagram thinking my life is a series of naps, writing, and travel. I’m terrible at vacationing. Picture this:…

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Quiz: Are you a dog or a cat?

dog or cat

Quiz: Are you a dog or a cat? And what that says about you. I took a quiz and you can too in a minute. Turns out, if you are a dog it appears that you are a people pleaser, people don’t take you seriously and you have attention deficit of some kind and possibly…

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How To Not Burn Out

How to not burn out (insert laughter here). I’m laughing because I am burned out. I’m so burned-out I think I burned out my burnout. But, I’m not out of the game and that counts for something (no it doesn’t not really). Because, I can do better than just ‘not out of the game’. I…

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One Thing That Will Help Your World Go Around

When I envision you parents, hard working bread winners, people who are trying to continue to make your world go around it’s a Dickinsonian vision. Earnest women and men bent over in concentration, the burning of midnight oils, dark rings encircling eyes, thoughts consumed by problem solving. Pallor. Possibly scurvy. It’s a romantic notion saving…

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