I Think Everything Is Funny And A Little Bit Sad

Funny and Sad

I Think Everything’s Funny And A Little Bit Sad Last week, I met one of the elementary-school students my daughter tutors. We were in the produce section in the grocery store. Our conversation went like this. Girl: “Hey are you Meghan’s Mom?” Me with a playful grin: “Yes, how did you know? Girl: You look like…

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Which Character Are You? Take the Quiz.

Take the Quiz

Which Character in I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around are you? (Take the Quiz here https://www.boombox.com/c/quiz/133864/3868db42-) Are you the winsome, lovely yet hard to pin down Wendy? She’s a character and you either love her or hate her all day long. Or, are you the practical, devoted mother Hallie Monahan who was a working,…

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