Life Isn’t Fair & That’s A Good Thing

Life isn't fair

Life isn’t fair. It doesn’t keep score, track, or have any kind of real give-and-take order to it. We lose jobs even when we are good employees, we’re nice but we still get sick, we stub our toes, fall down, and forget to zipper our flies even though we didn’t flip off the person who tailed us all…

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I Think Everything Is Funny And A Little Bit Sad

Funny and Sad

I Think Everything’s Funny And A Little Bit Sad Last week, I met one of the elementary-school students my daughter tutors. We were in the produce section in the grocery store. Our conversation went like this. Girl: “Hey are you Meghan’s Mom?” Me with a playful grin: “Yes, how did you know? Girl: You look like…

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