We should talk. Don’t worry we’re not breaking up.

Nervous Dog

We should talk. Don’t worry we’re not breaking up. Backstory: Many of you know I teach stress management (ok dad, stop laughing). I spent my career studying anxiety and depression so, it stands to reason that I have it pretty much figured out. (Dad, what did I just say?) But, sometimes when you’re standing at the…

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The Hard Thing About Teaching Nutrition

The hard thing about teaching nutrition to college students is that, as far as eating healthy is concerned, they’ve heard it all before. In fact, Michael Pollen’s phrase, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”– is about the best 3-second nutrition message around. I find myself wanting to repeat this phrase to my students and…

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How do I lose weight?

How do I lose weight? It’s the number one question people ask me. I love that they think I  have the answer and can give it to them in the ten minutes I have before I need another cup of coffee. I love people. People are my jam. So I want to give people an…

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