One Way To Love Your Body (even when it’s tough)

One way to love your *body (even when it’s tough. Some of you have found a way. This is for those whose body-love wavers occasionally. Especially in the summer when the shorts come out. I have a strategy for self-love because I find it difficult at times to be nice to myself. I am annoyed…

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Yes, I know I write about dogs too much.

Yes, I know I write about dogs too much, but my dog is the only person I see lately (don’t even try to tell me Peanut isn’t a person). This story is about another dog that was in my life. Millie a regal black labradoodle who reminded me of the wonder of dogs, kind people,…

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What Can Anyone Say?

honestly what is better

I mean honestly you guys, what can anyone say these days? I don’t want to talk about Covid. I’m sick of Covid. But when I opened my email to write about my dog Peanut and his escapades on our flight to California (more on that in a minute), my daughter the ICU nurse, texted me.…

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I Thought You Said This Would Work

I thought you said this would work

I Thought You Said This Would Work This is both the title of my new book and what I say to my writer friends, agent, and publisher. I say, “I wrote this book, do you like it? Is it working?” And my people say, “Sort of, kind of, maybe, almost. Try this.” Then I go…

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Quiz: Are you a dog or a cat?

dog or cat

Quiz: Are you a dog or a cat? And what that says about you. I took a quiz and you can too in a minute. Turns out, if you are a dog it appears that you are a people pleaser, people don’t take you seriously and you have attention deficit of some kind and possibly…

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THE DOG YEAR – first chapter sneak peek

The Dog Year, Ann Garvin Author

Chapter One It’s Not About the Breast In the hospital parking ramp, Lucy snuck a glance at a new mother placing her infant into an elaborate car seat. Her husband stood hovering at her shoulder, his hand gently touching her hip. The woman lingered, gazing at the tiny, beet-faced infant, love fairly oozing from her…

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