I Think Everything Is Funny And A Little Bit Sad

Funny and Sad

I Think Everything’s Funny And A Little Bit Sad Last week, I met one of the elementary-school students my daughter tutors. We were in the produce section in the grocery store. Our conversation went like this. Girl: “Hey are you Meghan’s Mom?” Me with a playful grin: “Yes, how did you know? Girl: You look like…

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5 Ways To Spend Less Time With People Who Annoy You

spend less time with people who annoy you

5 Ways To Spend Less Time With People Who Annoy You (because if you do these things you won’t need a 6th way). *this was originally published at Happily Ever After USAtoday.com I just spent the weekend in fundraising activities with my ex-husband. In short exposures this has been a fine thing to do. Enjoyable even.…

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Which Character Are You? Take the Quiz.

Take the Quiz

Which Character in I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around are you? (Take the Quiz here https://www.boombox.com/c/quiz/133864/3868db42-) Are you the winsome, lovely yet hard to pin down Wendy? She’s a character and you either love her or hate her all day long. Or, are you the practical, devoted mother Hallie Monahan who was a working,…

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Demco And My Little Free Library Journey

I just took a lovely walk with Demco and I want to tell you about my little free library journey. I’m a girl who has had library-love her whole life. Before I could read I sat in the library moving my lips pretending. I wanted people to think I was a prolific reading genius. Once…

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A Little Bit About Writing: Blog Roll!

I’ve been asked by a wonderful network of authors to write a little bit about writing in, what we authors call a Blog Roll. This is a chance to talk a little bit about our writing process. Sometimes people are interested. Sometimes not. So for those of you fascinated by how people write (I’m one…

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The Dog Year Book Launch

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery gallery_type=”slideshow” theme_id=”1″ gallery_id=”1″ sort_by=”order” order_by=”asc” slideshow_effect=”none” slideshow_interval=”5″ slideshow_width=”600″ slideshow_height=”400″ enable_slideshow_autoplay=”1″ enable_slideshow_shuffle=”0″ enable_slideshow_ctrl=”1″ enable_slideshow_filmstrip=”1″ slideshow_filmstrip_height=”90″ slideshow_enable_title=”0″ slideshow_title_position=”top-right” slideshow_enable_description=”0″ slideshow_description_position=”bottom-right” enable_slideshow_music=”0″ slideshow_music_url=”” watermark_type=”none” watermark_link=”http://web-dorado.com”] [Best_Wordpress_Gallery gallery_type=”thumbnails” theme_id=”1″ gallery_id=”1″ sort_by=”order” order_by=”asc” show_search_box=”0″ search_box_width=”180″ image_column_number=”5″ images_per_page=”30″ image_title=”none” image_enable_page=”1″ thumb_width=”180″ thumb_height=”90″ thumb_click_action=”undefined” thumb_link_target=”undefined” popup_fullscreen=”0″ popup_autoplay=”0″ popup_width=”800″ popup_height=”500″ popup_effect=”fade” popup_interval=”5″ popup_enable_filmstrip=”1″ popup_filmstrip_height=”70″ popup_enable_ctrl_btn=”1″ popup_enable_fullscreen=”1″ popup_enable_info=”1″ popup_info_always_show=”0″ popup_enable_rate=”0″ popup_enable_comment=”1″ popup_hit_counter=”0″ popup_enable_facebook=”1″…

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THE DOG YEAR & other True Confessions

  ME:  (to my students) “Caveat Emptor!”   STUDENTS: *blank Look* (Apparently they did not see the Brady Bunch episode where I learned about that phrase, so they do not understand my excitement).   ME: “Let the buyer Beware!” (said with serious wisdom imparting face)   STUDENTS: *blank look* A few scratch.   ME: “If…

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THE DOG YEAR – first chapter sneak peek

The Dog Year, Ann Garvin Author

Chapter One It’s Not About the Breast In the hospital parking ramp, Lucy snuck a glance at a new mother placing her infant into an elaborate car seat. Her husband stood hovering at her shoulder, his hand gently touching her hip. The woman lingered, gazing at the tiny, beet-faced infant, love fairly oozing from her…

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The Book Is Dead! Long Live the Book!

How to Save Books and Keep Reading What You Love *Pick Two* Talk about the books you love. Not just the big famous ones. Leave a review on Amazon or BN.com or Goodreads or all “Like” the book on Amazon, or “Like” the author’s Facebook Fan page, invite your friends to “Like” Authors need people…

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Success tips #4, #5, #6

Stick to your guns when you are right Revise when you are wrong Have the wisdom to know the difference (there’s your tweet) If this sounds suspiciously like the AA credo, well I can’t argue with you there. It’s important to know in both writing and life who you are. It’s important to know who…

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