A Quick Question. I Need Some Tips


Quick question. Who here has gone on vacation entirely alone? No conference or professional meeting to take up your time, no friend waiting at the airport to whisk you off for a chat. Alone. Alone. I’m asking about solo traveling. Sacajawea without the hangers-on, Lewis and Clarke. Amelia Earhart without the scary flying goals. Just…

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So many confessions, so little time

I like my screen time

So many confessions, so little time. Hi, I’m Ann Garvin, and I like my screen time. Hear me out. I like my screens, but I also enjoy quiet time walking my dog outside. I like to stare into space and read real books. I love talking to my neighbors, going to listen to music, eating…

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Patch-ing Up After Loss


Patch-ing Up After Loss I woke up today, looked in the mirror and found my estrogen patch had migrated from my ass to my elbow. Sometime in the night my helping hormone swatch decided to relocate. Seriously you guys, my estrogen patch is so well meaning; I’ve been scattered and angsty and I think it’s…

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Six Things I Learned About Grief


I learned a bunch of stuff this month. 6 Things to be exact. I hope you didn’t notice that I missed the January email. On the other, I kind of hope you did. Maybe you missed a word or two from me. Many of you know my dad died very unexpectedly and we moved my…

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No More Secrets. Read Mine Here


No more secrets you guys. You know how they say if you’re not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem? Well, I’m part of the problem. So, no more secrets. What’s your problem this month, Ann? (that’s my negative self-talk chiming in. She’s not very nice sometimes.) I was on Instagram…

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We should talk. Don’t worry we’re not breaking up.

Nervous Dog

We should talk. Don’t worry we’re not breaking up. Backstory: Many of you know I teach stress management (ok dad, stop laughing). I spent my career studying anxiety and depression so, it stands to reason that I have it pretty much figured out. (Dad, what did I just say?) But, sometimes when you’re standing at the…

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Life Isn’t Fair & That’s A Good Thing

Life isn't fair

Life isn’t fair. It doesn’t keep score, track, or have any kind of real give-and-take order to it. We lose jobs even when we are good employees, we’re nice but we still get sick, we stub our toes, fall down, and forget to zipper our flies even though we didn’t flip off the person who tailed us all…

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There Are No Others: a more excellent state of being

No Others, Excellent State

There Are No Others: A More Excellent State of Being…hard but true. Something happened that turned me from someone who cares about others to someone who cares for others [Tweet “Something happened that turned me from someone who cares about others to someone who cares for others”]; from someone who lends a hand when asked to…

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The Hard Thing About Teaching Nutrition

The hard thing about teaching nutrition to college students is that, as far as eating healthy is concerned, they’ve heard it all before. In fact, Michael Pollen’s phrase, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”– is about the best 3-second nutrition message around. I find myself wanting to repeat this phrase to my students and…

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